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Welcome to JS Films Where we truly understand the value of building a brand, perfecting a marketing strategy and conveying a message in just 30 seconds.

Those vital 30 seconds when your commercial will air and make an impact. Beyond being just another creative, and actually producing results for you and your brand.

Your brand and its message that is the focus at JS films.

We know what it is to make a commercial that captivates, effectively conveys a message and obtains the required response from the viewer. We've done it before for many clients and products and we'll do it again, just for you.

We thrive knowing we contributed to the success of a brand, even if for only 30 seconds. We've made many such commercials that we're proud of and received accolades to support and encourage it.

JS Films is the culmination of the creative talents and technical wizardry of Jayendra Panchapakesan and P.C. Sreeram. An eye for detail and impressive cinematic techniques are the trademark of this duo, producing the best possible commercial for your brand.

Clip from Bajaj Saffair
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